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Fractured Realities - A Documentary Film
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A.A.P.I. was founded in 2012 by lead researcher, Damien John Nott. We are an evidence based research organisation with a primary focus on presenting video and photographic documentation of unidentified aerial phenomena in Australia. Where appropriate, we have either replaced the term UFO or used it interchangeably with the term UAP - unidentified aerial phenomena, as the latter term encapsulates a more accurate definition of what is sometimes described as lights, rather than solid objects.

Our ongoing objective for this site is to be an informative and educational resource for those who are interested in the phenomenon, as well as those who may find themselves here because of an experience or encounter of their own. Along with the video and photographic captures that we present, we aim to provide quality information, research material, resources and links to recommended websites, documentaries and books on the subject. As we add material to this site continually, we encourage visitors to check back for updates (see left).

To report a sighting or to have pictures or videos analysed, we're happy to refer you to The Black Vault. They provide assistance to witnesses world wide. Submit your details here - TBV Investigations.

Subscribe to us on Facebook , YouTube and to our Newsletter/Blog to stay updated with current information and new video uploads. Stay tuned for future presentations and sky-watching events. If you have trouble reaching us, please persist through all available means as we try to respond to everyone. Thanks for your interest!

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