❖ Damien Nott – Bio ❖

Damien John Nott was born in 1979 in Sydney, Australia and grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney where he currently resides. His story came to public attention in 2012 after contacting a UFO research organisation in an attempt to find an answer to his repeated experiences with the UFO phenomenon. These experiences peaked in the small country town of Dunedoo located in the Central West Tablelands of NSW. Prior to this, Damien’s first sighting in Sydney at the age of 9 spurred him toward a lifelong endeavour to research and understand, what he was to discover, is the most misunderstood and ridiculed subject in the world today. Damien has since amassed a prolific body of work consisting of video and photographic captures, documenting his encounters that remain to date, unexplained. He became and continues to be an avid researcher focusing particularly on the UFO phenomenon, however after witnessing curious coincidental links between unidentified aerial phenomena and other paranormal activity, he has concentrated much of his research to uncover a possible link between the two. Through his work and experiences, Damien has contributed to various book and Internet publications and local and overseas TV programs such as the History Channel and Netflix and has been the subject of various documentaries, some as yet unreleased. On occasion Damien has exhibited what appears to be the capacity to sense – for lack of a more conclusive explanation – the right time to look up during which he is able to see and capture anomalous lights or objects on camera and on occasion, in the presence of one or more witnesses. Some of these witnesses over the years have comprised of people from all over Australia including presidents of UFO groups, a journalist from the Sun Herald, police officers and pilots. The Sun Herald journalist and his associate who visited Damien while he was living in Dunedoo, both witnessed two points of light fly in tandem over the property. They then reported this event in an online Sydney Morning Herald article. The Guardian also ran with the story. Since that time Damien has participated in around 40 Internet interviews and podcasts on shows such as Mysterious Universe, Topic UFO, Paranormal News and Beyond Reality radio program and has appeared on Today Tonight, 7 Prime Time News, The Mornings Program and the Weekend Today Show on channel 9 and has been a guest on The Voice of Russia radio program celebrating World UFO Day. Over the last few years he has written a number of articles for UFO magazines and has contributed chapters for various books including a publication for Richard Dolan Press, written by Ryan Sprague. Damien has written for the magazine, UFO Truth for P.R.U.F.O.S. head, Gary Heseltine in England and has featured in UFOlogist Magazine and appeared on Mexican television on the TV show, Tercer Milenio. In late 2012 Damien formed the research organisation, A.A.P.I. – Australian Aerial Phenomena Investigations. Fractured Realities, a documentary film featuring witnesses to Damien’s experiences was released in 2018. He has conducted over two-dozen lectures and presentations around Australia, offering a visual extrapolation of his remarkable captures, holding a collection of around 300 photos, 200 HD and 4K videos and around 40 infrared videos of unexplained aerial phenomena as well as unusual activity recorded inside the home on infrared motion activated cameras. He possesses a keen interest in photography, astronomy, astrobiology, meteorology, psychology and ancient history. On occasion Damien hosts day or night sky watches with people interested in the UFO phenomenon and is passionate about changing the stigma around this subject so that people can speak freely about their experiences in our society without ridicule. Damien is currently working on a book that is yet to be released which will be an in depth analysis of his research to date.