The below photographs are arranged in date order. Original photographs and corresponding technical details are available for serious researchers. Extra information on each photo is provided under the info tab where applicable. For better viewing, please select full screen viewing mode (bottom middle icon).

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - (2008 - 2013)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - (2014)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - (2015)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - (2016)

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena - (2017)

We have defined the following photographs as Unusual Captures to distinguish them from Unidentified Aerial Phenomena because a high percentage of the images in question were not seen at the time that the photographs were taken, either with the naked eye or through the camera. For the most part this would indicate a more mundane explanation and it also prevents us from being able to observe such things as behaviour, movement, duration etc. However, after repeated analysis of these photographs in comparison with photographs that we've categorised as Misidentifications, being common and reoccurring natural objects and artifacts such as insects, birds, sun flares etc. (some of which were seen either with the naked eye or through the camera) we’re still unable to identify or compare to our satisfaction these Unusual Captures with what we have categorised as Misidentifications (see album below). When and if further information comes to light and as we discover and learn more, some of these Unusual Captures may potentially be reclassified as misidentifications, camera anomalies or UAP.

Unusual Captures - (1985 - 2017)

Unusual Weather Phenomena

The below photographs display various experiments and examples of what may sometimes be misidentified as anomalous or unidentified aerial phenomena. Some of these photos may appear to be very obviously what they are. We've included them here to illustrate similar photographs that we either receive or see circulated, that are often mistaken for something unusual.